Corporate offer

A new and exciting place for your company's event!

"WOW" is a great place to celebrate, recognize achievements, organize events, presentations, team building events, as well as informal meetings. It is a place where time disappears, enthusiastic laughter sounds and even the shyest colleagues opens up. Everyone here feels relaxed, experiences a moment of surprise, and gives in to passion and imagination. We are the first and only selfieroom in Latvia and in an area of ​​700 square meters we offer:

  • 30 different style photo rooms with decorations (at least 30 photo walls)
  • Room sound
  • Room with bar counter
  • Table tennis and poker table.

Possibility to use 30 bright and colorful themed self-study rooms and photo walls, which are changed regularly and where you can take high-quality photos with your phone. Stylish ceiling lighting, special spotlights, softboxes and round LED lamps. Here are just a few examples of themed spaces: “Purple luxury” with a dance bar “Sweet disco” space with big popcorn, burgers and macaroni, Bright “Be wild” and “Like” space, Black room with light effects, Swing in the clouds Large white and pink wings, 2.7 m large plush bear, shopping carts, large playing cards, dolphins, cacti, large format flowers, swings, and other decorations. We definitely recommend dancing at the bar counter. It is possible to dress in special changing rooms.

The premises are also perfect for children's parties, hen parties, dog photo sessions, and various videos.

Please contact for special offer. We will be happy to provide additional information and answer your questions. We also offer a friendly price for daily visits: 5-15 years 9 euro / h, 16+ 15 euro / h.

We will also be happy to place your company's visual elements and various items. Long-term cooperation is possible in creating a wowselfieroom of your brand-inspired photo space. For your convenience and successful outcome of the event, we offer to attract our cooperation partners, who will help to plan the event scenario and lead the event. influencers 18aug2021 (1).jpg