Gift Cards

Wowselfieriga gift card - a great gift! To obtain a wowselfieriga gift card:

  1. Email us at or contact wowselfieriga Instagram / Facebook / TikTok, or call 26488677.
  2. Indicate the desired value of the gift card and the special greeting to the recipient of the gift card! (Ticket prices are available at: Get Tickets.)
  3. We will prepare and send an invoice for payment.
  4. After paying the invoice, we will send an electronic gift card to its buyer. In addition, a unique code will be sent to the buyer, which will need to be presented by the gift card user at the time of gift card redemption.

gift card example.png

Wowselfieriga gift card terms of use:

  1. The expiration period of the gift card is 3 (three) months from the moment of its issuance, in case of non-use, its value is not returned.
  2. The time and date of redemption of the gift card must be agreed with the wowselfieriga. The gift card can be used several times, depending on its expiration period.
  3. A unique gift card code is given to the gift card buyer, it must be handed over to the gift card recipient to redeem the gift card.
  4. The gift card user accepts the terms and conditions of the wowslefieriga available: Terms & Conditions.
  5. Copying of Wowslefieriga gift cards, transfer to third parties is strictly prohibited. From the moment of purchasing the gift card, the buyer is personally responsible for the security of the gift card, ensuring that third parties will not obtain the gift card identification data. The buyer and user of the gift card are not considered third parties.

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